Consciously Designing a Better Future for Mankind, by Implementing Changes Now



At The Seachange, we are driven by noble purpose - to create a better tomorrow for all of humanity and our planet. We recognize the profound challenges we face and the urgent need for change, and we see a clear way forward: The Seachange!

Our Vision

Bring Humanity into Harmony with itself, Society, and the Planet.

Our Mission

To be the trim tab, the change vector, nudging humanity away from our current path, towards a sustainable and prosperous future by deploying and implementing solutions today at the local and global level.

seachange: a substantial change in perspective, especially one which affects a group or society at large, on a particular issue

Welcome to The Seachange!

The Seachange, an organization imbued with Noble Purpose, its mission to adjust the direction we’ve been on as a species, creating a divergence, trailblazing a new path for mankind, by purposefully DESIGNING a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous future for all mankind and our planet, by actively implementing solutions today, creating a positive impact that will resonate for generations to come. The Seachange is the trim tab that will nudge humanity towards finding, creating, and implementing solutions to our most pressing global issues, today.

The Seachange will engineer this new vision via our 3 Pillars of Change:

SEE the Change | BE the Change | Lead the Change

SEE the Change : Media - The Seachange recognizes the incredible power that people possess to manifest change. The Seachange Media's focus is mobilizing public support and fostering public enthusiasm to shift the societal paradigm towards the individual appropriation of The Seachange's vision and values into the personal and collective consciousness and norms, promoting community engagement, igniting organic grassroots action, building momentum, and accelerating systemic change, via independently owned and ran media outlets, such as websites, podcasts, magazines, video exposés series, documentaries,books, guides, courses, etc..

BE the Change: The Business Coalition - a group of visionary business leaders and pioneering organizations, co-creating with the Design Group, leading the global change towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all. The Business Coalition is formed by leading organizations that are providing solutions, products, programs towards achieving The Seachange's mission.

LEAD the Change: The Design Group - an interdisciplinary group of experts, thought-leaders, activists, creators and designers, together with vanguard business representatives, innovators, solution-driven startups, actively designing and deploying solutions today for our global issues.

The Seachange will Implement its Vision via these 3 Instruments of Change:

The Seachange Certification | Industry Benchmarking | Campaigns & Ambassadors

The Seachange Certification - Based on a clear set of criteria across sustainability, impact at the human, societal, and environmental levels, certificates will be issued per solution, and per company, where appropriate. The Seachange certification will be the sough-after certification in a sea of "greenwashing" that is pervasive in the sustainability space. The Seachange will not issue umbrella certifications for companies if they cannot be certified.

Industry Benchmarking - Clear criteria, industry benchmarking of the leading organizations, with yearly rankings, per each piller. Rankings are only available to the organizations that are being benchmarked, not to the general public.

Ambassadors and Campaigns - The Seachange will be, one at a time, work towards bringing solutions to every globally impacting issue we're all facing, such as our oceans' health, human wellbeing - physical, mental health - technology's impact on work, exoplanet humanity, etc. We'll bring together impactful Ambassadors to promote and lead the campaigns, with the support of aligned organizations - solutions providers in that field - while we partner up with external organizations to develop and implement technical and human driven sustainable solution to reduce emissions, improve and optimize resource use and allocation, etc.. Together with our sponsors and partners, we'll be creating conferences and product showcases, and bringing them to the people and places that need them, and can implement them.

It's time for a change. It's time for The Seachange!

SEE the change | BE the change. | LEAD the change

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