Consciously Designing a Better Future for Mankind, by Implementing Changes Now



Purposefully Designing a Successful Future for Mankind, Implementing Changes Now that will Lead us to a Better Tomorrow, for All Humanity and for our Planet

Humanity is facing profound, unprecedented, and urgent challenges. In short, we are a world in crisis.

In our relatively short existence as a species, we humans have put over 1 Million species on the extinction list, and by our own devices, we have firmly placed ourselves on the same extinction path.

The path we’ve been on these past 300,000 years has been incredibly destructive, haphazard, at best, seldomly beneficial, and at-worst, self-annihilating. We’ve been driven by our most basic instincts and needs, driving us and our environment to the edge of collapse, without any common goal of surviving and thriving into the future together as fellow citizens of planet Earth.

This path has led us to enter into conflict with ourselves, society, and the planet. Our lower instincts have led us to create a global society brim with rampant inequality, inequity, segregation, separation and discrimination, all of which have created alarming levels of physical and mental disease, and have led us to wars, migrations, and global warming. This has not only brought the extinction of over 1 million species with it through our own impact, but it’s also hastening the complete environmental collapse and our own extinction with it.

We know we need to make change if our planet and people are to survive, but how to do that is something that's been eluding us all, as a species.

Welcome to The Seachange!

The Seachange, an organization imbued with Noble Purpose, its mission to adjust the direction we’ve been on as a species, creating a divergence, trailblazing a new path for mankind, by purposefully DESIGNING a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous future for all mankind and our planet, and actively implementing the necessary global changes today towards a future meant to lead us away from total obliteration and into the promises of all the successful futures that humanity can expand into, on this planet and beyond.

The Seachange, a future-driven organization based on the concept of actively/purposefully designing a better path for humanity via interdisciplinary cooperation and business implementation of a design plan accelerating the change towards a successful future of mankind.

Our mission

"Homo Harmonius" - evolving humanity out of fear-based decision-making and short-term thinking, into long-term, participatory citizenship, inclusive and wholistic thinking, considering the environmental and the multi-generational impact of its decisions, dedicating itself to learning, self-actualization, and the betterment of mankind, bringing humanity into harmony with itself, the social and economic systems, and the environment.

"All Green Lights for Spaceship Earth" - embodying good stewardship, accepting and owning our personal and social responsibility for the wellbeing and health of our Planet, its ecosystem and its inhabitants, we aim to initiate an ecological transition towards reversing climate change by taking direct actions from today onwards towards a sustainable future, an ecologically sound ecosystem, a return to nature, a stop to species extinctions, a rolling back of the global temperatures, bringing the planet into homeostasis, and hospitable to all its inhabitants.

The Seachange will engineer this new vision starting with establishing the 3 base pillars of change:

1. The Design Group - an interdisciplinary group of experts, thought-leaders, activists, creators and designers, together with vanguard business representatives, actively designing a future for mankind that brings humanity in harmony with itself, society, and the planet.

2. The Business Coalition - a group of visionary business leaders and pioneering organizations, co-creating with the Design Group, leading the global change towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all, by implementing the changes defined in the design, vertically throughout their organizations, across most/all global markets, therefore accelerating change and positive global movement towards the new path.

3. Media - The Seachange recognizes the incredible power that people possess to manifest change. Media, employing a public will-building strategy, is capable of motivating sustainable new behaviors, creating or leveraging social norms, changing systems and policies to advance the cause of social justice, address disparity and promote a more inclusive society for all. The Seachange Media’s focus is building public will to shift the societal paradigm towards the individual appropriation of “Homo Harmonius” and “All Green Lights for Spaceship Earth” values into the personal and collective consciousness and norms, igniting organic grassroots action, building momentum, and accelerating systemic change. The Seachange Media will be the trim tab (to borrow a term from Buckminster Fuller - a trim tab is an independently controlled tab set on the end of a rudder, used to stabilize or redirect a craft, boat, or airplane, on a new direction). Via independently owned and ran media outlets, such as The Seachange Podcasts, magazines, video exposés series, documentaries, etc., The Seachange media will act as the trim tab that mobilizes global action.

The first step on this path is The Seachange Media, starting with The Seachange Podcast, where we will begin to find answers to some of today's businesses and humanity's most urgent challenges.

The Seachange Podcast will focus on themes such as:

Climate Change - personal, business, social choices, and environmental impact

Sectors in Transition - from fashion, to energy, to education, data science, etc. -

Mental Health - business, social, and personal impact

Designing the Future - the environment, health, work, education, nutrition, exploration

Ecology - thinking in systems, at the global scale

Sustainability - transitioning to a NetZero economic model, while creating new revenue models

The Age of Automation, AI, ChatGPT - engaging ethical machines to help free the human mind towards innovation, reaching towards unexplored horizons

Human Enhancement - Genetics, micro-computers, implants

Space Exploration - and our search for Planet B, C, D, and E

It's time for a change. It's time for The Seachange!

SEE the change. BE the change. LEAD the change.

To join us on this grand purposeful adventure to design the future of mankind, contact us via email here.




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