We believe that it's time for a change. We believe that it's time for The Seachange!

seachange*: a substantial change in perspective, especially one which affects a group or society at large, on a particular issue - *wikipedia

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SEE the Change: The Seachange Media - Humanity in Harmony with itself, society, and the planet

The Seachange recognizes the incredible power that we, the people, possess to manifest change. We believe that by SHOWING the change, we are igniting change from the bottom up, mobilizing public support and fostering public enthusiasm to shift the societal paradigm, shifting our consciousness towards the personal appropriation of global citizenship values, promoting community engagement, igniting organic grassroots action, building momentum, and accelerating systemic change.

Employing ACTIVE OPTIMISM we will showcase the progress already made, the solutions that have been and are being implemented, as we spotlight the individuals, leaders and organizations with a vision for a better world, leading the transformation from an exploitation economic model to a circular, sustainable economic model. With articles, company showcases, leadership spotlights, video interviews, podcasts, talks, we will present a world that we can build together, starting today.

We believe in a better tomorrow, and we believe that can only be achieved if we, collectively, choose to do so, today, through collaboration, cooperation, and relentless commitment to creating/designing a better future for mankind.

Our vision is for a humanity in harmony with itself, in harmony with society, and in harmony with the planet. Our approach is media. Our target market is everyone, as each one of us can, today, make a change. And if millions of people decide to make just one small change towards bringing humanity into harmony with itself, society, or the planet, humanity will stand at the precipice of monumental change, actively choosing a new path for itself, towards any of the spectacular, viable, prosperous, sustainable futures laid out in front of us. We can make better choices. We just need to be given the opportunity to do so. We believe that by SEEING the change in The Seachange, you will join us in believing again that your actions have power, that you can affect change, that you can positively impact your family, community, enterprise, society, and you can heal the environment, once choice at the time, one day at the time. Hope is here. Join us!

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