Consciously Designing a Better Future for Mankind, by Implementing Changes Now



Consciously Designing a Better Future for Mankind, by Implementing Changes Now

The Seachange, a future-driven organization based on the concept of actively/purposefully designing a better path for humanity via interdisciplinary cooperation and business implementation of a design plan for the future of mankind, a plan that focuses on accelerating the change towards a better future for mankind, by 1. bettering the human existence, evolving out of a fear-based decision making operating system into connection, cooperation and thinking of the good of us all, to building better models for what a whole/healthy human is; and 2. taking direct actions towards an ecological transition that will reverse climate change, build a legacy for the future generations, and fill each of us with noble purpose as we actively work on improving ourselves, our society, and our world.

The Seachange will accomplish this at the intersection of 3 pillars of change:

1. The Design Group - an interdisciplinary group of experts, noble laureates and thought-leaders and activists, together with business representatives, actively designing a future for mankind that brings humanity in harmony with itself, society, and the planet.

2. The Business Coalition - a group of pioneering organizations wanting to have a say and ownership in the prosperous future of mankind, contributing ideas to the design group, and implementing changes now throughout their organizations.

3. Media - via independently owned and ran media outlets, such as The Seachange magazine, podcast, video series, documentaries, The Seachange will build will with decision-makers and, igniting purpose and accelerating change

The first step on this path is The Seachange Media, starting with The Seachange Podcast, where we will begin to tackle some of today's businesses and humanity's biggest burning questions. We're starting with the first series focused on Mental Health - for the individual, how that impacts the business world's profitability bottom line, how that impacts our families and communities, and our planet, and what do we need to advance humanity towards a "Homo Harmonius"

The upcoming/concurrent series will try to tackle issues that we are trying to solve as humanity right now:

Sustainability and Profitability - Innovation at the edge of tomorrow

Ecology - thinking globally, integrating humanity, the environment, and all the other systems that create the world around us

The Future of Work - culture, vision, social safety, equality for all, diversity in perspective, upskilling for the unknown jobs of tomorrow

The Future of Humanity - AI, Genetic changes, micro-implants, 3D printing, exo-planet living, etc.

What does it mean to be Human - evolving out of fear-based thinking into connected, collaborative, self-actualizing beings, carrying for others and for the planet, leaving a worthy legacy to the future generations

It's time for a change. It's time for The Seachange!

SEE the change. BE the change. LEAD the change.

To join us on this grand purposeful adventure to design the future of mankind, contact us here.




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